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Generate coverage badge images using Go!


One day, I noticed that there was no easy way to generate coverage badges for my Golang projects. So I made one (see above)!

Getting Started

To install the executeable (ensure your $PATH contains $GOPATH/bin):

go get

This program can be run in any Go project that is compatible with the built-in go cover tool, which will extract a coverage percentage based upon files from all of your Go code (even that in sub-packages). Just run gopherbadger in your project root directory.

Quick Start:

To prevent saving of a .png badge:

gopherbadger -png=false

To update a .md file badge (note: comma-separated):

gopherbadger -md=","

Either enter a Markdown file that does not already exist, or a Markdown file (like your that contains the following tag somewhere in the contents:


This tag will be replaced by the image for your coverage badge.

Manually set the coverage value (note: do not include %):

gopherbadger -md="," -manualcov=95

Test code coverage using build tags:

gopherbadger -tags "unit"

Test code coverage, skipping short tests:

gopherbadger -short


Try running:

gopherbadger -h