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Welcome to the wakeonlan wiki!


Choose one of the following methods:

  1. Simply extract the Perl script wakeonlan from the archive file.

  2. From version 0.40 onwards you can just follow standard CPAN procedures:

    • tar zxvf wakeonlan-0.41.tar.gz
    • cd wakeonlan-0.41
    • cpansign -v (optional step; requires Module::Signature)
    • perl Makefile.PL
    • make
    • make install
  3. Using the RPM package manager. Should work in every rpm based Linux distro:

    • rpm -ivh


  • Version 0.41 (2005-01-27)
    • Minor documentation updates/corrections.
  • Version 0.40 (2000-08-01)
    • New command line parameters.
    • Ability to load Ethernet addresses from a file.
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