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[ IzPack 2.x-3.x - Readme ]

    > 1 - A quick introduction <
    IzPack 2 is a Java software installer builder released under the terms of
the Apache License Version 2.0. It is based around an installer compiler that
uses XML files to describe your installation.

    IzPack is totally independant from the Operating System which runs it. It
is also very modular so that you can easely create and integrate your own
panels (installation steps).

    The IzPack homepage is . You can contact the
author : / .

    > 2 - The documentation <
    A documentation is available in the doc folder. It was generated with 
LaTeX under GNU-Linux. You can print a book version by modifying the 
izpack-doc.tex file (change the class from report to book) that is located in
the src/doc folder (provided that you installed the source code). A makefile
is available to compile the documentation, see the Readme file of the folder
for more.

    > 3 - Licencing issues <
    The licences used by IzPack or the libraries it uses are available in the 
legal folder. IzPack itself is covered by the Apache License Version 2.0.
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