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DisplayLink driver installer for Debian and Ubuntu Linux
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DisplayLink driver installer for Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu.


DisplayLink releases its drivers only for Ubuntu 14.04, and latest kernel version they support is 3.19.


  • Allows you to seamlessly install and uninstall DisplayLink drivers on Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu.

How? Just run the script! (as regular user)


  • Downloads and extracts contents of original [DisplayLink Ubuntu driver] (>)

  • will modify contents of original and customize it for Debian. After which install/uninstall is performed.

  • Supported platforms are:

    • Debian: Jessie/Stretch/Sid (regardless of which kernel version you're using.)
    • Ubuntu >= 15.04 <= 16.04 (regardless of which kernel version you're using.)
    • Ubuntu >= 14.04 and Elementary OS (kernel >= 3.16 and Xorg >= 1.16.)

Post installation Guide

Please refer to Post Installation Guide for further reference.


Blog post: Kernel agnostic, DisplayLink Debian GNU/Linux driver installer (Jessie/Stretch/Sid)

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