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jPOS project template
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jPOS Template

Clone this project in order to create your own jPOS based application.

We recommend that you install Gradle in order to build your jPOS projects, but if you don't have it installed, you can use the Gradle wrapper scripts gradlew and gradlew.bat. In the following instructions, when we say gradle we really mean either your installed Gradle or one of the wrapper scripts (depending if you are on Unix or DOS based platforms).

Build an eclipse project

gradle eclipse

Build an IDEA project

gradle idea

Build your own jar

gradle jar

Check the jPOS version

gradle version

Create a distribution of your application

gradle dist

This creates a tar gzipped file in the build/distributions directory.

Install application in 'build/install' directory

gradle installApp

Installs application in build/install with everything you need to run jPOS. Once the directory is created, you can cd build/install and call java -jar your-project-version.jar or the bin/q2 (or q2.bat) script available in the bin directory.

Generate an install a Maven artifact

gradle install

List available Gradle tasks

gradle tasks
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