Adds a microblogging component to Alfresco Share 3.3 or 3.4
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Alfresco Share is a team- and project-based collaboration client that sits on top of the Alfresco repository. The goal of this project is to provide a microblogging component that can run within Alfresco Share and any other web application built with Alfresco Surf.

This component installs easily as an Alfresco AMP for the repository tier and a ZIP for the Share/Surf tier. See the introduction for more details.

The original Optaros dev team that put this together was:

  • Jeff Potts
  • Michael Ruflin
  • Matthias Geisler
  • Xavier Naud

This was originally developed for 3.2 Community. Metaversant recently confirmed that this component will work on:

  • 3.3 Enterprise
  • 3.4 Community
  • 3.4 Enterprise

Note that as of 3.4 Community, Alfresco added their own status component to the Share user interface. It's not as cool as this one :) but you may want to take a look before you decide which one to use.