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macOS port of OpenBSD's signify(1)

This macOS port of OpenBSD's signify utility intentionally tracks upstream OpenBSD sources directly, keeping only the smallest portability layer possible, with the explicit #1 goal of making it as easy to audit as possible.

The latest version was tested on macOS 10.14.2 with Apple LLVM 9.1.0.

Older versions were previously tested as far back as OS X 10.6.8 with GCC 4.2.1.

Some of the OpenBSD-specific functions used by signify that previously required portability shims were introduced in macOS 10.12(.1), and the corresponding portability shims have been removed to keep the code as lean and easily auditable as possible. If you need support for a newer signify on an older macOS, feel free to open an issue.

Man page at

src/ is the result of make fetch (cvs get) and make hash-helpers (sed) as of the time of the last commit.

If you don't trust me (or github) to not have modified anything in there to insert a backdoor (why should you?), but you trust the upstream OpenBSD version, then simply rm -r src it and audit the rest of the files that constitute this "port". It's only ~200 lines, you can do it :)

Easy (non-paranoid, 3rd party-trusting) installation

If you prefer MacPorts:

$ sudo port install signify

If you prefer Homebrew:

$ brew install signify-osx

Building it yourself

I've included a copy of the upstream signify source in this repo for convenience, but you should probably fetch it yourself. Doing so requires a working cvs, which does not come with new OS X systems by default, so either install that first (with macports or homebrew or whatever), or just use the src shipped in this repo (as I know it works).

To get the latest upstream source:

rm -r src
make fetch

and then the usual make, make install.


To run the regression tests, make test.

Keeping -current

To check for upstream updates, make check-updates. (requires working CVS)