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The open source grid computing solution

This is the home for the JPPF source code. Other services can be found at the following locations:

JPPF modules:

  • JPPF: contains the build scripts, web site and associated templates, documentation as LibreOffice text documents
  • admin: the code and resources for the desktop (Swing-based) admin console
  • admin-web: the code and resources for the web admin console
  • application-template: source code for the JPPF client application template
  • client: source code for the JPPF client APIs
  • common: utilities and classes common to the other modules
  • containers: configuration files and scripts to build JPPF Docker images and deploy them in cluster environments
  • demo: some demos and tests of JPPF features, which may be useful as code samples
  • dotnet-bridge: source code and resources for the .Net bridge
  • jca-client: source code for the J2EE connector
  • jmxremote-nio: the JPPF JMX remote connector, based on NIO
  • node: source code for the nodes
  • node-android: source code for the Android node
  • samples-pack: source code and docs for the JPPF samples
  • server: source code for the JPPF driver/server
  • stress-tests: a framework for starting and using local JPPF grids with complex topologies
  • tests: JUnit-based tests for JPPF grids, with the associated homegrown test framework

Building JPPF



  • clone the repository:
    git clone or git clone
  • from the repository root: ant build
  • to run the tests: ant test
  • the test results are available in <repo_root>/tests/report, the logs are in <repo_root>/tests/logs (1 set of logs per test class)

JPPF Maven artifacts