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Author of ngrep:
Jordan Ritter <>
Use of couch whilst conceiving of the concept:
Dave Goldsmith <> and
Window Snyder <>
Original (old) porting of ngrep to Win32:
Mike <>
64-bit clean regex.c patch:
Jeff <>
Hexdump patch:
Andrew W. Flury <>
Elite ideas and loads of licensing advice:
Dan Frasnelli <> and
cstone <>
Use of OSF/1 box and DDoS research:
Dave Dittrich <>
Compilation patches:
dugsong <>
Joerg Dorchain <>
Tokenring Patch
vacuum <>
HPUX and Config Updates Patch
Kevin Steves <>
AIX patch
"Joseph N. Wilson" <>
TCP ECN patch
Maik Pfeil <>
Real RPM Packaging
Dag Wieers <>
Excellent patch for adding IPv6 support to ngrep
Bernard Massot <>
Assistance with IPv6 testing
Ralph Logan
Arrigo Triulzi
Timestamp diff from first match patch
Joseph Heenan <>
And many others.