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NOTE: These instructions are from the 2006 release of ngrep 1.45.
They are sparse but will still give you the gist. Otherwise
try ngrep from your favorite package manager!
ngrep Installation Guide
1. Install the latest Packet Capture Library
In orer to compile ngrep on any platform, the relevant packet capture
(PCAP) client support library must be installed.
On UNIX, this is called ``libpcap'' and can be installed either from
source or from a distribution's particular package management system.
Some distributions separate the library itself from its development
headers (i.e. libpcap-devel), so make sure to install both if this is
the case.
On Windows, the client support library is called ``WinPcap Developer's
Pack'' and should be unpacked inside the parent directory of the ngrep
source tree.
The latest versions can be found at:
2. Unpack the ngrep source
Once the client packet capture client support library is installed,
unpack the ngrep source to a directory.
On Windows, this must be under the same parent directory as the
WinPcap Developer's Pack.
3. Compile the ngrep program
On UNIX, type the following from the root of the ngrep source tree:
% ./configure && make
On Windows, open the ``ngrep.sln'' file located in the ``win32''
subdirectory of the ngrep source tree using Visual Studio.NET. From
there you should be able to Build the solution in either Debug or
Release mode. Once this is done, copy the resulting ``ngrep.exe''
(located in either the ``Debug'' or ``Release'' subdirectory depending
on compile configuration) into any directory in your path for easy
usage (``c:\windows'', for instance).
Please ignore the warnings associated with the GNU Regex library
included in the ngrep source tree.
4. Install the PCAP kernel driver
ngrep is a PCAP-based program and therefore requires the PCAP kernel
driver to be installed before it will function properly.
The PCAP Driver is already integrated into the vast majority of UNIX
and Linux kernels released within the last ~20 years.
The Windows Platform, however, does not come with an integrated PCAP
kernel driver by default, so it is necessary to install one before
ngrep will work.
Getting Help
On UNIX, if you still have problems compiling or are compiling on an
unsupported OS, try playing with other build types -- i.e. if you have
a BSD derived system, try the BSD build type.
If you still have problems, please submit an issue on GitHub or feel
free to email me, however please try to help yourself first and search
Google for possible answers before reaching out.
Jordan Ritter <>