Step by step recipe for setting up the river with SQL Server

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1) Download ElasticSearch 1.0.0.RC1

2) Download SQL Server JDBC driver from here Put the SQLJDBC4.jar file in the lib folder of elasticsearch.

3) Download the version of elasticsearch-river-jdbc 1.0.0.RC1.2 using the plugin downloader. i.e. navigate to the elasticsearch folder on your computer and run...

./bin/plugin -install river-jdbc -url

4) (optional) Download Sense the chrome plugin. This will make it easy to search, add/remove rivers etc

5)set up the database you want to be indexed. this includes allowing TCP/IP connections

6) fire up elastic search using the bat file


6)in sense set up the river like this

put _river/scorecards_river/_meta
    "jdbc": {
        "sql":"select * from ScoreCards"

You should see the river parsing the incoming data from the database in the CL