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Generates index.js that declares all resources within a folder as global

In a project generated with aurelia-cli it is common to place all resources within a src/resources folder and to make these resources global.

This module will generate a src/resources/index.js file that includes all resources with this folder, recursively descending into subfolders.

Can be configured to generate index that is compatible with requirejs and webpack.


npm install aurelia-resource-index


If you create a gulp task for this module, it is recommended you configure the module using aurelia.json as shown here.

Add the following entry for use with requirejs

  "resourceIndex": {
    "view": "html",
    "pal": false,
    "mode": "single"

Add the following entry for use with webpack

  "resourceIndex": {
    "view": "html",
    "pal": true

If using pug as an html file format, set "view": "pug".

Configuration Options

  • view - The file extension used for view source files. If using pug then set to pug, otherwise must be set to html.
  • pal (boolean) - If true then each module is declared within a PLATFORM.moduleName() call. Used with webpack.
  • mode - If value is single then will declare all global resources using a single call to globalResources. Otherwise each resource is added individually. Do not set to single if using with webpack.

Run as Gulp Task

Add a gulp task to your aurelia_project/tasks folder

import gulp from 'gulp';
import project from '../aurelia.json';

function generateIndex(done) {
  let path = Path.resolve(project.paths.root, project.paths.resources);
  let config = project.resourceIndex;
  let generator = new IndexGenerator(config,path);, path, 0)
    .then(() => {
    .catch((err) => {

export default function processResources () {
  return gulp.series(generateIndex);