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Generates global resource index files for all components within a folder.

In a project generated with aurelia-cli, it is common to place all global components within a src/resources folder.

This module will generate index files (e.g. src/resources/index.js) that includes all resources with this folder, recursively descending into subfolders, creating individual index files in each folder. By default, ignores files and folders that being with '.' (period).

Can be configured to generate index files that are compatible with requirejs, systemjs or webpack.


npm install aurelia-resource-index


If you create a gulp task for this module, it is recommended you configure the module using aurelia.json as shown here.

Add the following entry for use with requirejs or systemjs.

  "resourceIndexer": {
    "view": "html",
    "pal": false,
    "mode": "single",
    "fileExtension": ".ts",
    "verbose": 1,
    "source": ["src/resources/**/*.*"]

The last source entry is used by the watch task.

Add the following entry for use with webpack.

  "resourceIndexer": {
    "view": "html",
    "pal": true

aurelia.json resourceIndex config

  • view - The file extension used when looking for view source files that do not have an accompanying js/ts file. Defaults to html. As an example, if using pug as an html preprocessor format then set to pug.
  • pal (boolean) - If true then each module is declared within a PLATFORM.moduleName() call. Used with webpack.
  • mode - If value is single then will declare all global resources using a single call to globalResources. Otherwise each resource is added individually. Do not set to single if using with webpack.
  • fileExtension - The file extension to use for the generated files. Defaults to .js.
  • verbose (integer) - If 1 then logs to console every index file that is updated or created. If 2 logs files that are unchanged. Default 0 for no logging.
  • exclude (RegExp) - Exclude files and folders with names that match this pattern. Defaults to files and folders that begin with a period /^\./.
  • excludeFile (string) - The name of a file with a list of files to exclude at that folder level. Defaults to .resourceignore.

To exclude certain files and folders from being indexed, set an exclude RegExp, or list specific files to exclude in a .resourceignore file in the same folder as the file you wish to excluse. Do not include the file extension when using .resourceignore. Hint: you can put files that you are not using in a .unused or .deprecated folder.

Run as Gulp Task on resources folder

Add a gulp task to your aurelia_project/tasks folder.

Create the file ${PROJECT_ROOT}/aurelia_project/tasks/resource-indexer.ts (or .js) with the following code:

import * as gulp from 'gulp';
import * as project from '../aurelia.json';
import * as IndexGenerator from 'aurelia-resource-index';

function generateResourceIndexFiles(done) {
  let config = project.resourceIndexer;
  let generator = new IndexGenerator(config, project.paths.root, project.paths.resources);
    .then(resp => {
    .catch(err => {

const run = gulp.series(generateResourceIndexFiles);

export { run as default };

Build (webpack only)

In aurelia_projects/tasks/build.ts

import resourceIndexer from './resource-indexer';

And add this to the task list:

export { config, resourceIndexer, buildWebpack, build as default };

Build (requirejs and systemjs only)

In aurelia_projects/tasks/build.ts

import resourceIndexer from './resource-indexer';

And add the resourceIndexer as a gulp task:

let build = gulp.series(
  gulp.parallel(transpile, processMarkup, processJson, processCSS, copyFiles),

Watch (webpack only)

Please contribute.

Watch (requirejs and systemjs only)

In aurelia_projects/tasks/watch.ts

import resourceIndexer from './resource-indexer';

and add this entry to the watches array:

  { name: 'globalResource', callback: resourceIndexer, source: project.resourceIndexer.source }


In your main.js or main.ts file add the following. For Webpack, wrap resources with PLATFORM.moduleName('resources').

// Load the generated index.js




npm test


Generato that creates index.js to declare all resources within a folder as global




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