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outputJsonSync(file, object, [options])

Almost the same as writeJsonSync, except that if the directory does not exist, it's created.

Alias: outputJSONSync()

  • file <String>
  • object <Object>
  • options <Object>
    • spaces <Number|String> Number of spaces to indent; or a string to use for indentation (i.e. pass '\t' for tab indentation). See the docs for more info.
    • EOL <String> Set EOL character. Default is \n.
    • replacer JSON replacer
    • Also accepts fs.writeFileSync options


const fs = require('fs-extra')

const file = '/tmp/this/path/does/not/exist/file.json'
fs.outputJsonSync(file, {name: 'JP'})

const data = fs.readJsonSync(file)
console.log( // => JP