Thoughts on including a directory tree / file watcher? #13

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jprichardson commented Oct 12, 2012

Probably this one...

@jprichardson @mikeal Including a directory tree watcher in fs-extra makes sense, indeed! For more details, see my comment on the issue related to the walker.


jprichardson commented Aug 8, 2013

I want to do this, but there are so many. I'm not sure which is the best.

mikeal commented Aug 8, 2013

watch is probably the most used but i'm not sure about best. the problem is harder than it looks and while watch has the benefit of a couple years worth of bug fixes, it was written early in node's history and doesn't follow some of the best patterns we came to later on in the community so I wouldn't be surprised if someone has written a better one by now.


jprichardson commented Sep 26, 2013

@mikeal Do you see any problems with this one:

mikeal commented Sep 26, 2013

@jprichardson it's in coffeescript...


jprichardson commented Sep 26, 2013

Ya, that bothers me too.

cadorn commented May 27, 2014

don't include a directory tree watcher. I like that this lib provides a more advanced FS API but uses common FS primitives to do so. file watching is still an evolving science (especially when dealing with many directories/files).

I am strongly against including a file watcher. Such features should go into fs-util or something like that which would sit on top of fs-extra.

cadorn commented May 27, 2014

I have an interest in keeping the fs-extra API portable to other implementations and languages.

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jprichardson commented Dec 23, 2014

For the time being, I see no reason to include file watching into fs-extra. chokidar is pretty damn good and fortunately, not written in CoffeeScript anymore. Chokidar is now the recommendation.

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