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LogMeUp - stdio

logmeup-stdio is a program that you can use to pipe your standard out to LogMeUp. You can view any log file or standard output real-time in your browser!


npm install logmeup-stdio


Generate a logmeup.json config file first:

from the console:

$> logmeup-stdio --genconfig

host: (Enter your LogMeUp installation ip address/hostname)
port: (LogMeUp port, typically 7070)
collection: (your collection name)
app: (your app name)
Generate "logmeup.json" in current directory?

(type 'y' or 'yes' and press [ENTER] twice)

then from the console:

$> yourapp | logmeup-stdio

even pipe other applications log data real-time:

$> tail -f /var/log/mongodb.log | logmeup-stdio

$> tail -f /var/log/apache.log | logmeup-stdio

then watch your log data real-time in your web browser:


(MIT) See [License][license] for more details.

Copyright (c) 2012 JP Richardson