Simple alien shooting game built using python3 and the pygame library
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A simple alien shooting game built in python3 using pygame

  • Aliens have different movement types based on their colors
  • Missiles kill single aliens, the ship has an unlimited supply
  • Bombs kill all aliens on screen and are scarce, use them wisely
  • Powerups drop periodically and give either more bombs or a shield
  • The shield powerup allows the ship to collide with 1 alien and survive
  • High scores are recorded in an SQLite database

Game Controls


  • w/s: move cursor
  • enter/return: confirm selections or submit a high score


  • w/a/s/d: move the ship
  • space: shoot a missile
  • b: drop a bomb


This program requires the pygame library. You may install it like this:

python3 -m pip install pygame --user

Clone this repository to your local disk using Git, e.g.

git clone
cd shooting-game

Then run the shooting_game program from your terminal using Python, e.g.


How To Contribute

Please, run Flake8 and, optionally, Pylint before committing changes and opening a pull request.


Game title made with

Music is by joshuaempyre, and was converted to an OGG file from the original WAV. It is used under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License