The Exchange Online Fiddler Extension
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Version 1.0.63 addresses performance concerns when running in 'live trace' mode. Minimal features in the extension now run in this mode. Load a SAZ archive into Fiddler to see all functionality.


The Exchange Online Fiddler Extension

This inspector is intended to help with troubleshooting issues with Outlook and Office 365 / Exchange Online. With Fiddler installed, install this extension to alter the standard Fiddler UI:

  • Add column 'Response Time'.
  • Add column 'Response Server'.
  • Add column 'Exchange Type'.
  • Add column 'HostIP'.
  • Add column 'Authentication'.
  • Add an 'Exchange Online' response inspector tab -- Exchange related information.
  • Add an 'Office365 Auth' response inspector tab -- Authentication related information.
  • Add an 'Exchange Online' menu to turn off/on extension, extension features and other options.
  • Colourisation of sessions upon loading a .SAZ file.
  • Colourisation of sessions upon live tracing.

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