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JPro Extensions Translations

Welcome to JPro Extensions translations repository. This repository allows our users to contribute with the community by translating our Joomla!™ extensions translation files to other languages.

We have received several contributions but, being unable to verify the translations in some languages, we thought that a community based translation would ensure a more reliable result.

How to contribute with your translations?

If you're new to GitHub, follow the guidelines here about "Forking a Repository and then you can start working on your own copy of the files and do "Pull requests" so that your translations ma be included in our main repo.


Before you start a translation, check if there is already a directory for the language you'll be translating (ex: de-DE/) and if so, go ahead and edit the files inside, otherwise, in your own copy, create the directory(ies) following the same hierarchy as the main en-GB and create the files inside.

When you're done, you can do a pull request and we will check the structure and merge the translations into our master repo.


  • make sure you add to the top of each file your own data - author and optionally your website.
  • in case of doubt, read te Joomla!™ translation guidelines here

Thank you for your contribution.