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package proscalafx.ch04.reversi.reversipieces
import proscalafx.ch04.reversi.ui.ReversiSquare
import scalafx.application.JFXApp
import scalafx.application.JFXApp.PrimaryStage
import scalafx.scene.Scene
import scalafx.scene.layout.StackPane
object ReversiSquareTest extends JFXApp {
// Unlike in many other examples, here content of the scene is assigned using `root` rather
// than `content` properties.
// `scalafx.scene.Scene` creates by default its root element as `Group`. If we assign using `content`, children
// are added to that group. That may have undesired layout complications. In our case it will prevent automatic
// resizing of the content.
// To work around this, we assign to `root` directly.
stage = new PrimaryStage {
scene = new Scene() {
root = new StackPane {
children = new ReversiSquare(0, 0)