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Time tracker

The time tracker application is to track amount of time spent on a project/job.


  • Run on IOS
  • Prefer to run on Android too
  • one active job at a time
  • each job has a category (billable, IR&D, ...)
  • Each job has spot for job number (or just memos)
  • Each time period has descriptor (WAH vs. not)
  • Set descriptor globally, triggers stop and start of job to create new record
  • Associate job number(s) with project
  • Be able to view time for any day
  • Keep track of most recently used numbers and optionally sort by this
  • Edit previous time periods
  • Delete all time before Date X


  • allow descriptors to be edited?

Design ideas

  • Write in HTML5 and use javascript localstorage object so that it runs offline
  • optionally have it connect to a server database for more storage
  • Use JSON objects as strings in the local store


  • Category - Billable, Unbillable, IR&D

    • category-id - int
    • name - string
  • Job

    • job-id - int
    • name - string
    • job number - string
    • notes - string
    • Category - category-id
    • subjobs - list
  • Time Interval

    • Date - mm/dd/yyyy
    • start - hh:mm
    • stop - hh:mm
    • job - job-id
    • WAH - boolean


  • g_jobs - job-id -> Job
  • g_categories - category-id -> Category
    • editable list of valid categories
    • Cannot delete a category that has jobs associated with it


  • Display time entry on a summary page
  • Be able to edit jobs
  • Use a non-scrolling header
  • Update cache.manifest to contain references to all javascript libraries
  • Use cache.manifest to cache on mobile devices
  • How to tell browser when to flush cache?
  • Add support for subjobs
  • How to get select box to behave. After adding values via javascript there isno selected value.
  • Add default buttons to single input forms
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