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The Fluid Grid system

A web grid system designed by Joseph Silvashy and New Gold Leaf that allows designers to use the screen real estate on large monitors and retain great design on smaller ones. The Fluid Grid System combines the principals of the typographic grid and a baseline grid into one resolution independent framework.

Web developers have only recently started to show a real interest in grid systems. Why it has taken so many years for web developers to become interested in something that has been essential to the written medium in general since the 30s, is hard to say.

Why this grid system?

The Fluid Grid System is great for rapid prototyping as well as final production layouts because designers can quickly design layouts and make changes to complex pages which have the ability to maintain well-planned horizontal and vertical rhythm. Download the latest version of the Fluid Grid System, the .zip contains all the XHTML/CSS files you need to get start designing.

Open Source and Free

In the spirit of giving back and contributing to the design industry the Fluid Grid System is open source and is released under the GPL and MIT licenses. We encourage users to adapt and improve the system, so go branch the latest from the master here at Github →