Hosting Quick Start

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To get your own completely free instance of Huxley follow these instructions:

On App Harbor

  1. Sign up to GitHub if you haven't already
  2. Fork the Huxley repository to your own account
  3. Sign up to App Harbor
  4. Create a new app in the Europe region
  5. Link this app to your fork of Huxley and deploy

You should now have a copy of Huxley running at https://{your app name}

You can also set up access tokens on App Harbor as part of the deployment so that you don't need to send your real access token on every request.

Plan B

AppHarbor can be quirky at times. :rage3:

If you have problems then you can try the old way of integrating with GitHub which seems to be more reliable.

To do this add AppHarbor as a service (there's a guide here). It should look like this after: apphbgh

After that make a tweak to the master branch (e.g. edit the README via the web interface) and it should deploy. If that doesn't work then you can clone the repository locally and push to AppHarbor as a remote.

On Azure Websites

  1. Sign up for Github (if you haven't already!)
  2. Fork the Huxley repository to your own account.
  3. Sign up to Azure - Note you may need to enter in a credit card.
  4. Go to your Azure Portal. Click on the plus sign and create a new web app.
  5. Open up your newly created site. Click on the Continuous Deployment setup wizard.
  6. Authorize the use of your github account for Azure.
  7. Select the forked repo (make sure it's the main branch)
  8. Your Huxley app has been deployed on Azure Sites.

You should have a copy running at https://{your app name} The free plan offers upto 10 websites and 5gb of data transfer each month.

If you wish to setup access tokens on Azure, you can edit the web.config via the Visual Studio>Server Explorer under the Websites>{you app name}>Files>web.config. Once you have changed the web.config simply save the file inside Visual Studio, you will be prompted with "are you sure you wish to save this to Azure" click yes and the app will be updated.

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