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Raspberry Pi Electricity Monitor

Update: Maplin have discontinued the electricity monitor used here (N94KQ) and Maplin don't even exist now.

I've added a basic Python 3 version ( that outputs to the console (if you set PYTHONUNBUFFERED=true).

There is also a Python 3 port of the original version (thanks to Dave Cutliffe).

Software for monitoring the electricity consumption of a home with a Raspberry Pi (or other Linux machine) and a Maplin electricity monitor (N94KQ).

Full write up:

Copy the www folder to /var for httpd to host and the python file to anywhere. Install pyserial with apt and plug in the receiver.

To run execute sudo python & or add this to /etc/rc.local to run at boot. Visit your pi in a browser to see the data.

I've added a new script ( which you can use to push the data to OpenEnergyMonitor emoncms running on the Pi.

Thanks to dygraphs for an awesome library and Raspberry Pi for the great hardware.

MIT licensed

See also this alternative.