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Anis Kadri (5):
cleaner way for handling splashscreens
whitelist support
adding isUrlWhiteListed in shouldOverrideUrlLoading
forgot to resolve conflict
improved whitelisting
Bryce Curtis (17):
Formalize logging with printf-type optimization. Wrap Android log facilities instead of using System.out.println().
Correct log level comparison.
Add comments and rename loadWhiteList() to loadConfiguration().
Use endActivity() for consistency. Improve error handling.
Don't override history.back since jQuery also does it.
Fix Issue #258 - and not working in PhoneGap 1.1.0 on Android
Load multi-page apps in same webview and update pause/resume for consistency.
Set activity state correctly when ending activity.
Run error dialog on UI thread.
Set activity state correctly when ending activity.
Use LOG instead of System.out.println for logging.
Don't fire resume at app startup.
Update version to 1.2.0.
This is an informative message, not an error message. It is normal to get this when leaving a page.
Update to download and run callback-test repository.
Update for 1.2.0.
Updated readme.
Fil Maj (1):
JSPrompt "Security check" should whitelist all file URIs too
Joe Bowser (7):
Fixing the jsConfirm so it doesn't break the back button
Adding handling of Search Button for the jsPrompt
Upgrading to Ice Cream Sandwich
Making Alert cancellable so that it does not break the back button
Removing the Camera permission, since it is not required by PhoneGap by default
Fix for Console.log, didn't call the super of the method needed
macdonst (6):
Fix for Issue #257: File Transfer with file:/// URIs
Return MediaError object instead of value
Normalize MediaError's with iOS
Updating to use Android 4.0 build environment
Fixing Project Properties file
Fixing compilation error in DroidGap
nisc (1):
Fixes to make example project build and compile
Becky Gibson (2):
Update for iOS5
fixes #313 - return MediaError in error callback
Brian Samson (1):
add documentation for correctOrientation and saveToAlbum options of camera.getPicture
Dave Johnson (1):
This is messing people up who want to create the installer themselves.
David H (1):
Make connection plugin work with iOS <4.0.
Todd Stellanova (1):
Add OpenAllWhitelistURLsInWebView policy setting to determine whether ALL whitelisted URLs are opened within the embedded web view (as is sometimes desired).
shazron (12):
Fixed #303 Add OS check in makefile, Lion minimum (for packaging installer only)
Fixed #302 Compiler warnings in PGMotion
Fixed #296 iFrames open in Mobile Safari
Fixed callback/callback-ios#3 - UniversalFramework target of PhoneGapLib does not compile under Xcode 4.2
Fixed callback/callback-ios#2 - Convert SBJson library use to JSONKit use
Fixed problem where deploying to device using PhoneGap.framework, the armv7 slice is missing from the fat binary.
Connection plugin (Reachability) - stop/start notifier on pause/resume of app.
Fixed callback/callback-ios#5 - Optimization: If white-list contains "*" (wildcard), do not do URL processing
Updated release notes for 1.2.0
Updated VERSION to 1.2.0
Updated hints in sample index.html
Added OpenAllWhitelistURLsInWebView to 1.2.0 release notes.
Drew Walters (4):
Spawn a thread when calling executeScript.
Modify lifecycle to match Android/iOS.
Specify viewport width and height in sample.
Update to version 1.2.0
Jesse MacFadyen (17):
Local storage implementation
updated and passed all but 2 tests ( dot notation not supported for getting/setting non-existent keys )
Added more interesting Accel example.
Initial ChildBrowser work
More test cases
Plugins can be defined in the Lib namespace
Cleanup before pull request
cleanup or meta-tags + RootVisual Grid name for plugin use
Added build-time script to generate GapSourceDictionary
Removed t4 templating
Cleanup for project template
More Cleanup, removed ChildBrowser as it is a plugin and not part of the core
Added orientation events
The implementation file
changed refs to 1.1 to 1.2
more changes for 1.2
sgrebnov (5):
support of pause/resume events
added onresume and onpause methods to BaseCommand
removed dublicate device object instance initialization
updated phonegap js file in unit tests
added support of custom plugins