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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <langs support="en" default="en"></langs>
    <api use="off">
             <if class="apiBuilderLib" permission="off" desc="Api for the builder library"></if>
             <if class="apiFrontCalendarData" permission="off" desc="API for Generating and retrieving google calendar information from the user"></if>
    <admin use="on" index="adminPageSettings">
            <if class="adminExecSave" permission="off" desc="Saving setting information"></if>
            <if class="adminPageSettings" permission="off" desc="Display setting page."></if>
            <if class="adminPageManage" permission="off" desc="Display manage for adding sequence module"></if>
    <front use="on">
            <if class="frontPageGooglecalendar" permission="off" code-assist="on" desc="googlecalendar block">
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