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Symfony2 Manual Translation repository

This make a translation environment for Symfony2 Manual on your pc/mac. This sets a git submodule and configurate a Sphinx build environment on your pc/mac.


  • Sphinx 1.0.7
  • sphinxcontrib-phpdomain
  • Git


In the following four stages, they will provide an environment for building Symfony2 manual. After settings, you can run make html and then you get a Symfony2 Manual. Check source and destination repositories and please use the latest documentation.

$ git clone git://
$ cd symfony-docs-trans-env
$ vim Makefile # Check REPO_DST TRANSLANG in Makefile
$ make setting

Translation and how to contribute

Once you have decided to translate the file, `git blame-l (files to be translated) ' to confirm the commit ID of the file, the ID of the date listed below, please add to the first line.

.. 2011/07/03 jptomo 8ac37d1c76f2d6ad73fd1d24b73ee159542c719d

Then translate. For the translated files, separately for clarity, cut branches. Run Git checkout-b (branch name).

Then Fork on github repository. After the fork, to Pull Request.

and wait.


This is licensed under the MIT license.

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