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log4net.ElasticSearch is a module for the log4net library to log messages to the ElasticSearch document database. ElasticSearch offers robust full-text searching an analyzation so that errors and messages can be indexed quickly and searched easily.


  • Supports .NET 4.0+
  • Easy installation and setup via Nuget
  • Full support for the Elasticsearch _bulk API for buffered logging


Please see the DOCUMENTATION Wiki page to begin logging errors to ElasticSearch!

Example log4net Document in Elasticsearch

    "_index": "log-2016.02.12",
    "_type": "logEvent",
    "_id": "AVLXHEwEJfnUYPcgkJ5r",
    "_version": 1,
    "_score": 1,
    "_source": {
        "timeStamp": "2016-02-12T20:11:41.5864254Z",
        "message": "Something broke.",
        "messageObject": {},
        "exception": {
            "Type": "System.Exception",
            "Message": "There was a system error",
            "HelpLink": null,
            "Source": null,
            "HResult": -2146233088,
            "StackTrace": null,
            "Data": {
                "CustomProperty": "CustomPropertyValue",
                "SystemUserID": "User43"
            "InnerException": null
        "loggerName": "log4net.ES.Example.Program",
        "domain": "log4net.ES.Example.vshost.exe",
        "identity": "",
        "level": "ERROR",
        "className": "log4net.ES.Example.Program",
        "fileName": "C:\\Users\\jtoto\\projects\\log4net.ES.Example\\log4net.ES.Example\\Program.cs",
        "lineNumber": "26",
        "fullInfo": "log4net.ES.Example.Program.Main(C:\\Users\\jtoto\\projects\\log4net.ES.Example\\log4net.ES.Example\\Program.cs:26)",
        "methodName": "Main",
        "fix": "LocationInfo, UserName, Identity, Partial",
        "properties": {
            "log4net:Identity": "",
            "log4net:UserName": "JToto",
            "log4net:HostName": "JToto01",
            "@timestamp": "2016-02-12T20:11:41.5864254Z"
        "userName": "JToto",
        "threadName": "9",
        "hostName": "JTOTO01"


I do my best to reply to issues or questions ASAP. Please use the ISSUES page to submit questions or errors.


MIT License


How to build

Use the psake.cmd file in the base directory for all build tasks.


This will run the default task which compiles and runs the tests.

.\psake.cmd package

This task compiles the solution, runs the tests then creates a nuget package

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