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#lang racket
(require graph
(define (snoc x ls) (reverse (cons x (reverse ls))))
; Calculate sum of proper divisors (proper, thus subtracting i)
(define/memo (sum-of-divisors n)
(- (apply + (divisors n)) n))
; A number is perfect if its divisors sum to itself
(define (perfect? n)
(= n (sum-of-divisors n)))
; Two numbers are amicable if each numbers's sum of divisors is the other
(define (amicable? m n)
(and (= m (sum-of-divisors n))
(= n (sum-of-divisors m))))
; An amicable chain is a sequence of numbers where each's sum of divisors is the next
; Ignore chains that leave the given bounds
(define (amicable-chain n [bound +inf.0])
(let/ec return
(let loop ([x (sum-of-divisors n)] [prev '()])
[(= x n)
(cons x prev)]
[(or (> x bound) (= x 1) (member x prev))
(return #f)]
(loop (sum-of-divisors x)
(cons x prev))]))))
; Create a graph of all amicable chains within the bounds
(define (amicable-chains-graph bound)
(define graph (unweighted-graph/directed '()))
(define colors (make-hash))
(for ([i (in-range 2 bound)] #:unless (has-vertex? graph i))
[(amicable-chain i bound)
=> (λ (chain)
(displayln chain)
(for ([from (in-list chain)]
[to (in-list (snoc (car chain) (cdr chain)))])
(hash-set! colors from
(case (length chain)
[(1) 0] [(2) 1] [else 2]))
(add-directed-edge! graph from to)))]))
(values graph colors))
; Wrapper to both save the dot file and generate a nice image
(define (save-graph graph colors filename)
(define dot-filename (format "" filename))
(with-output-to-file dot-filename
#:exists 'replace
(display (graphviz graph #:colors colors))))
(system (format "neato -Tpng ~a > ~a" dot-filename filename)))
(define-values (graph colors)
(amicable-chains-graph 1000000)))
(save-graph graph colors "sample.png"))
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