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; solve the n-queens problem
(define (queens n)
(let loop ([queens '()] [row 0] [col 0])
; if we get to the last row, we're done
[(= row n) (list queens)]
; at the end of a column, we can't place any queens
[(= col n) '()]
; place a new queen
(let ([new-queen (list row col)])
; if any queen can attack us:
(if (any? (lambda (old-queen)
(or (= (car old-queen) (car new-queen))
(= (cadr old-queen) (cadr new-queen))
(= 1 (abs (/ (- (cadr old-queen) (cadr new-queen))
(- (car old-queen) (car new-queen)))))))
; don't use this square
(loop queens row (+ col 1))
; try both, use and don't use this square
(loop (cons new-queen queens) (+ row 1) 0)
(loop queens row (+ col 1)))))])))
; does any item in l match the predicate ?
(define (any? ? l) (not (null? (filter ? l))))
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