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#lang racket
(require images/flomap
; Modulus that will work with really large numbers
(define (mod a b)
(define q (floor (/ a b)))
(define r (- a (* b q)))
; Tupper's "self-referential" formula
; Encodes a bitmap as an integer
(define (tupper k)
1 106 17
(λ (x y)
(set! y (+ y k))
(set! x (- 105 x))
[(< 1/2 (floor (mod (* (floor (/ y 17)) (expt 2 (- (* -17 (floor x)) (mod (floor y) 17)))) 2)))
(vector 0)]
(vector 1)])))))
(define (render-to target)
(define str-target (number->string target))
(define str-buffer (make-string (string-length str-target) #\0))
(for/list ([i (in-range (sub1 (string-length str-target)) -1)])
(string-set! str-buffer i (string-ref str-target i))
(tupper (string->number str-buffer))))
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