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#lang racket
(provide make-bitvector
; create a bitvector
(define (make-bitvector size [default #f])
(make-bytes (ceiling (/ size 8)) (if default #xff #x00)))
; reference a value from a bitvector
(define (bitvector-ref bv i)
(not (= 0 (bitwise-and
(bytes-ref bv (quotient i 8))
(arithmetic-shift 1 (remainder i 8))))))
; set a value in a bit vector
(define (bitvector-set! bv i v)
(quotient i 8)
; set the value by or'ing with 1
(bitwise-ior (bytes-ref bv (quotient i 8))
(arithmetic-shift 1 (remainder i 8)))]
; unset the value by anding with all 1s but a 0 at the interesting point
(bitwise-and (bytes-ref bv (quotient i 8))
(bitwise-xor #xFF
(arithmetic-shift 1 (remainder i 8))))])))
; shortcut to toggle a bit in a bitvector
(define (bitvector-toggle! bv i)
(bitvector-set! bv i (not (bitvector-ref bv i))))
; used to print out a bitvector
; the size is necessary to avoid printing the extra bits
(define (bitvector->string bv size)
(for/list ([i (in-range size)])
(if (bitvector-ref bv i) #\1 #\0))))
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