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A stock application that is written in javascript for intended use in node.js


To install and use this program you must first have both node.js and npm installed For Ubuntu (and Debian?):

apt-get install node npm

For Arch Linux:

pacman -S node npm

Then the dependencies for this program:

sudo npm install -g jsdom

And finally, getting the actual program downloaded:

git clone
cd stock


1) Calculating Profit

One use of this program is to calculate the profits from buying a certain stock and selling it. The usage and parameters are as follows:

node stock.js -c [buy price] [sell price] [shares] [fee]

The fee can either be in percent like 10% or as dollars 10

2) When to Sell

The other use of this program is to notify you when to sell a stock given a cercain increase in price. The usage and parameters are as follows:

node stock.js -q [stock symbol] [increment to sell at]

The increment to sell at is in terms of dollars and tells the program when you want to be notified to sell the stock

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