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Hello shibes!

More details about this here:

This tar file is confirmed to work with the 64bit 12.04 Ubuntu Live CD. You can get it here:

I will write up details at another time on creating the live CD itself, the rest of this assume you have. 1.) Create a live CD with 64 bit 12.04 Ubunutu 2.) Booted off said CD and are in Ubuntu.

#Prep You will want to save dogecoin-qt-1.5-ubuntu-12.04-Live-Install.tar to something you can retrieve while running the live CD. Either on another partition on your USB stick, on another USB stick, CD/DVD, 80 floppies.. whatever!

#Action 1.) Launch a terminal 2.) Mount/access what you saved dogecoin-qt-1.5-ubuntu-12.04-Live-Install.tar on and navigate to it's location. 3.) Run 'tar -xvf dogecoin-qt-1.5-ubuntu-12.04-Live-Install.tar' 4.) Run 'cd dogecoin-qt-1.5-ubuntu-12.04-Live-Install' 5.) Run 'sudo chmod +x' 6.) Run 'sudo ./' 7.) .. Wait and watch 8.) Run 'cd dogecoin-master-1.5' 9.) Run './dogecoin-qt' 10.) To the moon!