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The Missing Intervals of Twitter Util Time
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Twitter Intervals

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The missing intervals for the Twitter Util library. Currently supports test on intersection, and operations union and minus. Feel free to contribute.


Available on Maven Central Repositories

libraryDependencies += "com.madewithtea" %% "twitterintervals" % "0.6.0" 


import com.twitter.conversions.time._
import com.twitter.util.{Time, Duration}
import com.madewithtea.twitterintervals.Interval

val a = Interval(Time.Zero, Time.Zero +
val b = Interval(Time.Zero + 1.hour, Time.Zero +

// test on intersection
a intersects b shouldEqual true 

// union 
a union b shouldEqual Interval(Time.Zero, Time.Zero +

// returning intersection intervals as Set of intervals
a minus b shouldEqual Set(Interval(Time.Zero, Time.Zero + 1.hour))

// can be empty
a minus a shouldEqual Set()

// using Twitter Time and Duration (conversions) with Intervals
a.duration shouldEqual
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