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QUASI88 port for Nintendo Wii
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About wii88

This project is a fork from QUASI88 version 0.6.4, a NEC PC-8801 emulator by Showzoh Fukunaga. Specifically, the source quasi88-0.6.4.tgz (md5sum '21d268aaa290471f60142fea49485010'). The main purpose of this fork is to be used with Nintendo Wii. We also used for reference the QUASI88 Wii port version 0.6.3 beta6 by Rako.


For public releases, please check the releases page. For the latest development version, you may clone the master branch with the below command.

$ git clone

The content of the repository folder hbc has the files of the latest compiled version.


In order to setup the port, you have to:

  • copy the content of the download release (or the hbc repository folder) to your SD/SDHC card.
  • copy system roms files to sd:/wii88/rom directory.
  • copy game roms files to sd:/wii88/disk directory.

The emulation performace is better with original NEC PC8801 roms, but you can also use the pseudo BIOS available here.


When pointed to the screen, it is possible to use the Wii Remote to control the emulator options. You can use the Wii Remote as a mouse cursor. To open the menu, press the Wii Remote plus button (mapped to F12 key). The Wii Remote minus button could be used to exit the menu (mapped to ESC key). To select a game image, go to the DISK tab, select the game disk file (.d88), and push the OK. Finally, go to the RESET tab, select the according BASIC MODE for your game, and push the RESET button.

On release 0.1.1, it is possible to change button mappings and/or create independent mappings for each game image. See hbc/wii88/rc/default.rc and src/keyboard.h for guidance. For example, if there is a image file named Game.d88 in disk directory and a mapping file named Game.d88.rc in the rc directory, the custom key mappings are loaded from Game.d88.rc. Otherwise, the mapping from default.rc file is used.


To build the Wii port, please use the provided Makefile.wii. In the terminal, you may type make -f Makefile.wii. If everything proceed sucessfully, there will be a new wii.dol file. This file is also copied to hbc/apps/wii88/boot.dol.


In this Wii port I tried to modify the original code from QUASI88 as less as possible. The additional code and build files are almost always apart the original files. Therefore, the emulation process itself is cretited to Showzoh Fukunaga (the original QUASI88 author). Also, the included icon.png file was created by NeoRame.

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