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jQAPI - Alternative jQuery Documentation Browser

This is a revamp of and still under development.

Development Environment

The development environment consists of a Sinatra server and a Thor tool belt.

Served with Sprockets we can use CoffeeScript and SASS. Views will be written in HAML.


You need to have Ruby and RubyGems installed.

If you don't have already, install Bundler:

gem install bundler

Then install all the other Gems:

bundle install

Generate the documentation

Download it

thor docs:download

The GitHub repo of the official docs site will be cloned/updated.

Generate it

thor docs:generate

Start it

thor dev:start

Point your browser to localhost:9292 and there you have the latest jQuery documentation with jQAPI wrapped around.

Generate static files

thor deploy:generate

Generates index.html, bundle.js, bundle.css, etc., so that the documentation can be viewed from a set of static files.


Released under MIT & GPL. Coded by Sebastian Senf.

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