EqualsVerifier can be used in Java unit tests to verify whether the contract for the equals and hashCode methods is met.
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EqualsVerifier can be used in Java unit tests to verify whether the contract for the equals and hashCode methods in a class is met.

For documentation, please see the project's website.

Pull requests are welcome! If you open one, please also register an issue or send a message to the Google Group, so we can discuss it.


To build EqualsVerifier, you need Maven. Just call mvn clean verify from the command-line, and you're done. Alternatively, you can use any IDE with Maven support.

Project structure


  • nl.jqno.equalsverifier
    Main EqualsVerifier logic
  • nl.jqno.equalsverifier.util
    Reflection helpers
  • nl.jqno.equalsverifier.util.exceptions
    Internally used exceptions


  • javax.persistence
    Annotations used by integration tests
  • nl.jqno.equalsverifier
    Unit tests for specific subcomponents of EqualsVerifier
  • nl.jqno.equalsverifier.coverage
    Code coverage tests, which fail if coverage is less than 100%
  • nl.jqno.equalsverifier.integration.basic_contract
    Integration tests that cover the contract as stated in java.lang.Object's javadoc
  • nl.jqno.equalsverifier.integration.extended_contract
    Integration tests that cover specific corner cases in the Java language, and other essential points that are discussed in other sources, such as Effective Java, but not in the javadoc
  • nl.jqno.equalsverifier.integration.extra_features
    Integration tests that cover non-standard situations that EqualsVerifier supports
  • nl.jqno.equalsverifier.integration.inheritance
    Integration tests that cover inheritance in equality relations
  • nl.jqno.equalsverifier.integration.operational
    Integration tests that cover issues that don't pertain to equals or hashCode themselves, but to EqualsVerifier's operation
  • nl.jqno.equalsverifier.testhelpers
    Utility classes for use in tests
  • nl.jqno.equalsverifier.testhelpers.annotations
    Annotations used by unit tests and integration tests
  • nl.jqno.equalsverifier.testhelpers.annotations.casefolding
    More annotations which would clash with other annotations because of casing
  • nl.jqno.equalsverifier.testhelpers.types
    Various data classes for use in unit tests and integration tests
  • nl.jqno.equalsverifier.util
    Unit tests for the reflection helpers


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