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License: MIT

Alternative Project: coolq-telegram-bot-x

coolq-telegram-bot-x is written in C++ and is still under construction, but it needs no Python environment at all. The difference is that THIS REPO is on the fast ring, and it intends for feature developments, and coolq-telegram-bot-x intends for higher performance, but until now it has fewer features.






》》中文 Readme《《

QQ & Telegram Relay Bot v3.4 € QQ API based on CoolQ HTTP API,Telegram API based on python_telegram_bot

Recent Update


  • Fix Stickers forward issue
  • Dockerfile: add libwebp


  • *** License changed to MIT ***
  • Dockerfile:use Alpine image
  • Dockerfile:fixed ffmpeg installation
  • Cache Management(partial):use MD5 to identify file,send fileid instead of whole file
  • Code classification, optimization for recall and “//”
  • keyword filter changed to not forwarding single message, instead of enabling drive mode
  • drive mode now modifies title of groups

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If you are using CoolQ Air

  • Support text forward between QQ and Telegram
  • Images from QQ will be forwarded to Telegram, but Telegram images will be forwarded via links
  • Telegram stickers will be converted to emojis, with the link if enabled IMAGE_LINK_MODE
  • Some QQ emojis will be converted to Unicode emojis
  • Support temporarily disable forwarding
  • Support commands, use !!show commands or !!cmd to list

If you are using CoolQ Pro

  • Support text forward between QQ and Telegram
  • Images will be forwarded to opposite sides
  • Some QQ emojis will be converted to Unicode emojis
  • Support commands, use !!show commands or !!cmd to list

Build Environment

Use Docker

Now support docker-compose, more details (Chinese)

Only want to run Coolq in a container? These images below here may useful.

Please follow the instruction of the one you chose, and jump to Configuration part of this instruction

Directly use Wine CoolQ

If you don't prefer Docker, follow this instruction (Please use Ubuntu, since bugs appear on Debian 9)

【简单教程】在 DigitalOcean 的 Ubuntu Server 下运行 酷Q Air apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev libssl-dev ffmpeg

Install CoolQ HTTP API

See CoolQ HTTP API Documentary

  • Typical Coolq http api config (app/io.github.richardchien.coolqhttpapi/config.cfg)

Enable static image server (Coolq Air Only)

Since Coolq Air doesn't support sending images, Telegram images will be sent via the link. You need to expose these images for access.

Install nginx under Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install nginx

edit nginx/conf/nginx.conf,this config maps /home/coolq/coolq/data/image to www.example.com:8080/image

server {
    listen 8080;
    server_name www.example.com; 
    location /image/ { 
        root /home/coolq/coolq/data; 

Install python dependencies

pip3.6 install -r requirements.txt


Key Value
TOKEN Telegram tot token
QQ_BOT_ID QQ bot number
FORWARD_LIST A list that defines forwards. Every dict in this list [QQ Group Number, Telegran Group ID,Default for DRIVE_MODE, Default for IMAGE_LINK_MODE] stands for a forward. Only one to one forward is supported.
SERVER_PIC_URL Your server's domain(used for url access, if you are using Pro, you can set whatever you like since it is not used)
CQ_ROOT_DIR Coolq's root directory
API_ROOT       '' cq-http-api's API root
ACCESS_TOKEN   'access_token'   cq-http-api's access_token, see cq-http-api's doc for further information
SECRET         'secret ' cq-http-api's secret, see cq-http-api's doc for further information
HOST           '' cq-http-api's event report address
PORT           8080 cq-http-api's event report port
DEBUG_MODE     Debug mode. Set to True is encouraged. Since rotate log handler is used, it will take up no more than 3MB.
PROXY_URL Connects to the specified Socks5 proxy address and does not use proxy when the value is empty or False.
(optional in JSON, the default is None)
USE_SHORT_URL Use short links, it is recommended to open.
(optional in JSON, the default is true)


Please rename bot_constant-sample.py to bot_constant.py before use.


Key - Value peer is the same as above

If you want to use JSON, please copy or soft-link bot_constant-json.py to bot_constant.py

$ ln -s bot_constant-json.py bot_constant.py

if you want to load external settings file, use CTB_JSON_SETTINGS_PATH


$ export CTB_JSON_SETTINGS_PATH="/home/user/bot_constant.json"

tools/bot_constant-py2json.py provides convertion from bot_constant.py to bot_constant.json

Start the bot

Make sure that you have finished all configure steps.

Viewing CLI Help

$ python3.6 daemon.py -h

Background process

Currently daemon mode has been implemented, using the following instructions to run in the background.

  • Start background service
$ python3.6 daemon.py start
  • Stop the background service
$ python3.6 daemon.py stop

Front desk process

If you need to see the log output in real time, close the running daemon first. Then follow this command.

$ python3.6 daemon.py run


View Commands

Send !!show commands or !!cmd to view all commands

View alipay red pack

Send !!alipay of !!ali,to acquire. This action will donate the author without costing your money

Show Telegram Group ID

Send !!show group id or !!id in Telegram groups to view Telegram Group ID

Update QQ name list

Send !!update namelist or !!name to update qq name list manually

Image Link Mode (Coolq Air Only)

Enable: Send !!pic link on or !!lnkon

Disable: Send !!pic link off or !!lnkoff

Telegram images and stickers will forward to QQ via links after enabled this

Drive Mode

Enable:Send !!drive mode on or !!drive

Disable:Send !!drive mode off or !!park

The forward function will be disabled temporarily after enabled this


Reply !!recall or !!del in Telegram to any message you want to recall in QQ.

The message must be sent by the bot in QQ side.

** If the message exceeds 2 minutes, the recall will fail**

Management Features (Under Construction)

Currently, QQ group invites and accept invites is available via private chat.

You can find out the usage by reading plugins/_00x_xxxxx.py

Issue Format

Check these before opening an issue

  1. Check if you are using Python 3.6+
  2. Check if requirements.txt is installed correctly
  3. Check if cq-http-api is enabled in Coolq

Issues must provide

  1. Descriptions about the issue
  2. Logs of python3 daemon.py run (Desensitization)
  3. Whether you are using Docker
  4. Which branch you are on (Dev of Master)