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JQ Home Assistant Configuration

My configuration for Home Assistant (https://home-assistant.io/)

Integrations in use:

  • Synology NAS - Home Assistant host via Docker
  • Aeon Labs Z-stick - Z-Wave integration (overhead lights, switches, minimote)
  • ESP8266 Multisensor (guide)
  • Hue - A19 bulbs + Hub
  • Chromecast - media player
  • Text-to-speech - announcements via Chromecast audio & Amazon Polly
  • Ubiquiti Unifi - presence detection
  • Nest - climate control
  • Flux - lighting temperature (via Hue)
  • Emulated Hue - lighting / script control via Amazon Alexa
  • Arlo - camera views inside HA dashboard, arming/disarming
  • Alarm.com - automated arming
  • Darksky weather
  • Google Travel Time
  • Fast.com connection monitoring
  • System monitoring - CPU, RAM
  • Sunset, Time, Workday sensors
  • Pushover notifications



  • Bring up the bedroom lights in daylight color gradually 30 min prior to wake up time (set via home assistant controls).
  • On first motion in kitchen, bring up the lights, announce the weather forecast over kitchen speakers. If the current day is a work day, announce the travel time to work using Google travel time.


  • Turn off all lights and set Nest to away mode based off phone presence detection.
  • Arm Arlo motion detection notifications
  • Send push notification when away mode is activated.

Return Home

  • When phone returns into visibility, turn on entry lights for 10 minutes.
  • Disarm Arlo motion detection notifications
  • On first motion in kitchen after returning from away mode, play welcome message and bring up the main lights.


  • Adjust lighting temperature via Flux periodically
  • When bedtime is activated (via minimote or Alexa), play goodnight message, turn off main lights after 60 seconds, turn on bedroom lights, arm alarms, lock doors.
  • After 10 minutes, slowly fade bedroom lights until completely off.
  • On motion in kitchen, bring up kitchen lightstrips for 10 minutes.
  • Turn off any lights still on after 2am.


  • House temperature is below 55 degrees
  • Sensor battery below 40%, check daily at 8pm
  • Internet connection goes down or comes back up
  • RAM usage on NAS is above 96%
  • 3D printer job finished
  • Home Assistant startup