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shlomif commented Jun 21, 2013

Hi Jerome!

I added Module-Build-Tiny compatibility. See: . Please merge.


-- Shlomi Fish

shlomif added some commits May 31, 2012
@shlomif shlomif License should be more standard.
See: .

License should read "GPLv1+ or Artistic" instead of "GPL+ or Artistic".
rpmlint complained about that.
@shlomif shlomif Add double dashes for M-B-Tiny compat.
The double dashes ("--") are for Module::Build::Tiny compatibility:

BTW, shouldn't we use Module::Build whenver there's a Build.PL even if
a Makefile.PL does not exist?
@shlomif shlomif Change the URL to 91f4d0f
shlomif commented Oct 1, 2015

Here are some updates:

  1. Make the licence more standard.
  2. Add a comment for an old change.
  3. Change the URL to (from s.c.o).
jquelin commented Nov 23, 2015

thanks, merged

@jquelin jquelin closed this Nov 23, 2015
shlomif commented Nov 24, 2015


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