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"title": "Publishing Your Plugin"
<p>Publishing your plugin on this site is a simple two step process.</p>
<h2>Post-Receive Hook</h2>
<p>First, you'll need to create a post-receive hook on GitHub. Just follow the
<a href="">step-by-step guide
for adding a webhook</a> and set the URL to
<code></code>. Now you're ready to publish
your plugin.</p>
<h2>Publishing a Version</h2>
<p>Once the post-receive hook is setup, publishing your plugin is as simple as
tagging the version in git and pushing the tag to GitHub. The post-receive hook
will notify the plugins site that a new tag is available and the plugins site
will take care of the rest!</p>
<p>The name of the tag <strong>must</strong> be a valid
<a href="">semver</a> value. The tag name may contain an
optional <code>v</code> prefix. The tag name must also match the version listed
in the manifest file. If the manifest file is valid, then the version will be
automatically added to the plugins site.</p>
<p>Unfortunately we do not currently have a system for notifying you if there is
a problem. If you're interested in helping improve this aspect of the plugins
site, we'd <a href="">love
your help</a>.</p>
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