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-# jQuery Boilerplate
+## This project has been moved
-### A boilerplate for jump-starting jQuery plugins development.
-So, you've tried your hand at writing jQuery plugins and you're comfortable putting together something that probably works. Awesome! Thing is, you think there might be better ways you could be writing them - you've seen them done a number of different ways in the wild, but aren't really sure what the differences between these patterns are or how to get started with them.
-This project won't seek to provide a perfect solution to every possible pattern, but will attempt to cover a simple template for beginners and above. By using a basic defaults object, simple constructor for assigning the element to work with and extending options with defaults and a lightweight wrapper around the constructor to avoid issues with multiple instantiations.
-## How did we get here?
-Have you got in this repo and still not sure about using this boilerplate?
-Well, extending jQuery with plugins and methods is very powerful and can save you and your peers a lot of development time by abstracting your most clever functions into plugins.
-[This awesome guide](, adapted from [jQuery Plugins/Authoring](, will outline the basics, best practices, and common pitfalls to watch out for as you begin writing your plugin.
-## Have you created a plugin from our boilerplate?
-[Let us know!]( It’s interesting to see what features others have come up with.
+# [Go the new one!](

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