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jQuery TextFill

This jQuery plugin resizes text to make it fit into a container. The font size gets as big as possible.



  • Remember to include jQuery and jQuery TextFill:
<script src="jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.textfill.min.js"></script>
  • Select which element you'll use. Make sure to:
    • Specify the parent's width and height
    • Put the text inside of a <span/> child by default (see Options to change this)
<div id='my-element' style='width:100px;height:50px;'>
  <span>The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog</span>
  • Initialize jQuery TextFill


Remember, container means the parent element, while child is the element that will resize. On the example above, the parent was the div and the child was the span.

Name Description Default Value
minFontPixels Minimal font size (in pixels). The text will shrink up to this value. 4
maxFontPixels Maximum font size (in pixels). The text will stretch up to this value.. If it's a negative value (size <= 0), the text will stretch to as big as the container can accommodate. 40
innerTag The child element tag to resize. We select it by using $(innerTag + ':visible:first', container) span
widthOnly Will only resize to the width restraint. The font might become tiny under small containers. false
explicitWidth Explicit width to resize. Defaults to the container's width. null
explicitHeight Explicit height to resize. Defaults to the container's height. null
changeLineHeight Also change the line-height of the parent container. This might be useful when shrinking to a small container. false
allowOverflow Allows text to overflow when minFontPixels is reached. Won't fail resizing, but instead will overflow container. false
debug Output debugging messages to console. false

For example,

$(function() {
        maxFontPixels: 36


Name Called when... Default Value
success Called when a resizing is successful null
fail Called when a resizing is failed null
complete Called when all elements are done null

For example,

$(function() {
        success: function() {
		fail: function() {
		    alert("boo hoo!")


You are very welcome to contribute! A good number of people did, so feel free to help no matter how small the changes might be.

Just make sure to read the file first. There we make a quick take on how you could help us.

Also, there we lay down our rules for reporting issues and making pull requests. Gotcha! Now you can't say we didn't tell you about it!

If you found something critical or just want to make a suggestion open an issue and start typing right away.


This jQuery plugin was created by Russ Painter around May 2009, beginning with a StackOverflow question.

In very early 2012, Yu-Jie Lin helped to move the project to GitHub with version 0.1 and obtained the clearly stated open source licensing from Russ.

Around July 2014 Alexandre Dantas was made a contributor.


jquery-textfill is licensed under the MIT License. See file to see what you can and cannot do with the source.