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Integrate jQuery UI menubar #153

dswarbrick opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I've been using a custom jQuery UI build from the menubar branch for over a year now, with no noticeable bugs.

Have you guys considered integrating menubar, instead of (or as an alternative to) the Wijmo menu?


Do you have a link to menubar ?
It is part of the official branches of jQuery UI (I do not remember)
Wijmo has not been updated, I expect a response from the team

Thanks :)


It's an official branch - - the branch hasn't been worked on a for a while, however a clone of the menubar branch can still merge master cleanly. I'm using this method to do a custom build of it for my projects. The menubar stuff shares a lot of code with selectmenu.


ok I'll see if menubar is compatible with jQuery UI 1.10.1 and adjusted as necessary :)


Any update?


I'm also interested in this... I have been using menubar for over a year now as well with no major issues...

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