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I think the $.ajax override is causing problems with jQuery 1.5 -- calls to $.ajax with dataType: 'json' are triggering JSONP requests instead.

Reported by another user here:

uovidiu commented Feb 2, 2011

Thanks for the patch.


FYI there is also a patched fork for jQuery 1.5 written by the guy who re-wrote AJAX for 1.5 here:

"Fixes jQuery 1.5- code by using jQuery.ajaxSettings and not window.ajaxSettings (yeah, that was dumb)."

ringerc commented Feb 15, 2011

This was a rather exciting headache for me - add jQuery validator plugin, and suddenly ajax requests break even if I'm not invoking or using the plugin anywhere. The bizarre nature of the issue (Accepts: header changing from application/json to application/javascript when validator loaded) meant it took me quite some time to track this down.

I'd love it if you could pull the fix from or adapt it. Even documenting on that the current version is incompatible with jquery 1.5 would make a difference to us poor newbies.

Thanks for the handy tool.


Pulled in jaubourg's fix.

This issue was closed.
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