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data-viz: design a living-info-graphic #10

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take all data sources as identified within #9, design a LIVING info-graphic that represents the data. in a cool way.

the goal is to then take this design, and render it dynamically using JS/HTML/CSS. Hence the LIVING part.

This was referenced

I've compiled some of the data sources into a very simple google doc, and filled some of the potential outputs/visualizations the data source can have.

I wanted to ask for help filling it out before the summit, so that Tristan and I can potentially talk about what to do with the visualizations before the summit (and what's reasonable to implement):

I think it'd be really cool to implement the infographic with d3 (, and each part of the infographic can be opened up either modally or in a separate page for more interaction. So the infographic can serve not only as a summary of the data, but a sort of a table of index for all the data sources. But still look like an infographic.


Are we making this infographic in splunk or is it meant to be in some other website?


not 100% sure about the final resting place, but it will be on a publicly accessible web site.


What are some of the source types/outputs we want to do?


moved to infra

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