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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<entry type="selector" name="attributeEndsWith" return="">
<title>Attribute Ends With Selector [name$="value"]</title>
<argument name="attribute" type="String">
<desc>An attribute name.</desc>
<argument name="value" type="String">
<desc>An attribute value. Can be either an unquoted single word or a quoted string.</desc>
<desc>Selects elements that have the specified attribute with a value ending exactly with a given string. The comparison is case sensitive.</desc>
<desc>Finds all inputs with an attribute name that ends with 'letter' and puts text in them.</desc>
<code><![CDATA[$('input[name$="letter"]').val('a letter');]]></code>
<html><![CDATA[<input name="newsletter" />
<input name="milkman" />
<input name="jobletter" />]]></html>
<category slug="selectors/attribute-selectors"/>
<category slug="version/1.0"/>
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