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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<entry type="method" name="jQuery.dequeue" return="undefined">
<argument name="element" type="Element">
<desc>A DOM element from which to remove and execute a queued function.</desc>
<argument name="queueName" optional="true" type="String">
<desc>A string containing the name of the queue. Defaults to <code>fx</code>, the standard effects queue.</desc>
<desc>Execute the next function on the queue for the matched element.</desc>
<p><strong>Note:</strong> This is a low-level method, you should probably use <code><a href="/dequeue">.dequeue()</a></code> instead.</p>
<p>When <code>jQuery.dequeue()</code> is called, the next function on the queue is removed from the queue, and then executed. This function should in turn (directly or indirectly) cause <code>jQuery.dequeue()</code> to be called, so that the sequence can continue.</p>
<desc>Use jQuery.dequeue() to end a custom queue function which allows the queue to keep going.</desc>
<code><![CDATA[$("button").click(function () {
$("div").animate({left:'+=200px'}, 2000);
$("div").animate({top:'0px'}, 600);
$("div").queue(function () {
$.dequeue( this );
$("div").animate({left:'10px', top:'30px'}, 700);
<css><![CDATA[div {
margin:3px; width:50px; position:absolute;
height:50px; left:10px; top:30px;
} { background-color:red; } ]]></css>
<html><![CDATA[<button>Start</button> <div></div>]]></html>
<category slug="data"/>
<category slug="utilities"/>
<category slug="version/1.3"/>
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