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child-selector: Remove note about deprecation.

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<p>As a CSS selector, the child combinator is supported by all modern web browsers including Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 7 and above, but notably not by Internet Explorer versions 6 and below. However, in jQuery, this selector (along with all others) works across all supported browsers, including IE6.</p>
<p>The child combinator (E <strong>&gt;</strong> F) can be thought of as a more specific form of the descendant combinator (E F) in that it selects only first-level descendants.</p>
- <blockquote>
- <p><strong>Note: </strong>The <code>$("&gt; elem", context)</code> selector will be deprecated in a future release. Its usage is thus discouraged in lieu of using alternative selectors.</p>
- </blockquote>
<desc>Places a border around all list items that are children of &lt;ul class="topnav"&gt; .</desc>

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