Serialize fieldset in Chrome and IE9 #10

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Original issue:

.serialize() does not serialize form elements inside a fieldset in Chrome or IE9.

To reproduce the issue, open the test case in the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, and IE 9.

fails: Chrome and IE 9 on Windows 7 64-bit. works: Firefox on Windows 7 64-bit

OP test case:


  • It doesn't seem like this is a documented use of the method. The .serialize() method can act on a jQuery object that has selected individual form elements, such as , , and <select>. However, it is typically easier to select the <form> tag itself for serialization ... <a href=""></a>. So other than a form, there is no current use of .serialize() that requires the code to search inside an element for more elements to process.</p></li> <li><p>(from adam) This could perhaps be phased in terms of explaining that "a collection that contains an element that contains form elements is not the same as a collection that contains form elements." Using the word "represent" is probably misleading here.</p></li> </ul>

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